Great Shows To Watch in 2017

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The Greatest TV Shows To Binge-Watch We recently requested members of BuzzFeed Neighborhood to fill us in on their favourite TV shows to binge-watch. After reading these: warning, you could feel the need to clear your weekend routine and catch-up on some Television that is great.

Bronco TV Series


NBC Number of seasons: 11 What it's about: An oldie however a goodie, the show is set in a bar named "Cheers", where a team of locals satisfy to socialise.

Ren And Stimpy Full Episodes

Mad Men

AMC Number of seasons: Seven What it is about: Primarily established in the 1960s, Mad Males initially focuses on the Sterling Cooper marketing company in New York City and the private lives professional and of these operating within the agency. It focuses mostly on creative director Don Draper and junior partner of the agency.

The Office

NBC Number of seasons: Nine What it's about: The mockumentary depicts the everyday lives of workplace employees and is an adaption of the BBC series of the same name. It stars Steve Carell, John Krasinski and B.J. Novak among the others.

Friday Night Lights

NBC Number of seasons: Five What it's about: The show is a drama series about a high-school foot-ball staff in Texas. Using a small town setting that is fictional, it addresses many issues facing teen tradition including struggles and family-values, racism, drugs, lack of economic choices and abortion.

The West Wing

NBC Number of seasons: Seven What it really is about: Set in the West Wing of the Whitehouse, the episodes follow his staff and President Bartlet through various political issues along with the individual problems that may surround their expert lives.


MTV Number of seasons: Four What it is about: Catfish is an American actuality docuseries, based on the truths and lies about online dating. Each episode is a study into whether a participant in a virtual relationship is really who they say they're, or if in fact, they are a "catfish."

Thirtysomething TV Show

Gilmore Girls

CW Number of seasons: Seven As they reside their lives in the fictional town of Stars Hollow, what it is about: The present follows her teen daughter Rory and single mother Lorelai Gilmore. The present covers their tale from her close bond with Rory, who holds a powerful ambition to generate it to an Ivy League school, the connection she has with her parents and Lorelai as a teen run away.


HBO Number of seasons: Eight What it is about: The series chronicles the acting career of his close friends and Vincent Chase, as they navigate the land of Hollywood and climb the superstar ladder. Watch it before the movie happens!


CW Number of seasons: 10 and counting. What it really is about: Two brothers come together to hunt super-natural beings, and demons, ghosts, monsters on the planet.

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